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An excellent work for horseplayers looking for a
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that can be implemented successfully right away.

The Bottom Line

Stock market "investors" often turn their noses up at horseplayers, under the belief that their game is different. Veteran stockbroker and horseplayer Mark Ripple shows that nothing can be further from the truth, in his new book, "Handicapping the Wall Street Way".

Securities investment theories can be incorporated into horse wagering quite successfully. This is an excellent work for novice to intermediate horseplayers, with concepts easily understood and put into practice right away.

  • Very easy to understand strategies any horseplayer can incorporate
  • Tailored strategies to reflect any bettor's comfort level, not "one size fits all"
  • A well-written work with a unique approach to handicapping and betting


  • Market inefficiencies are the key to finding value, both in the stock market and at the track.

  • Most of the time, the odds board and stock prices are efficiently set by the public.

  • Irrational behavior by the public turns this around, allowing the contrarian a chance to profit.

  • Examples: the dot-com boom of the late 1990's, and the Belmont with the Triple Crown on the line.

  • Shares in tech stocks bought during the height of the boom, or bets on Smarty Jones, were losers.

  • These are extreme examples, but inefficiencies occur every day at every track.

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